The purpose of the BLCA shall be to promote the care, improvement and general welfare of the Briggs Lake Chain (Big Elk, Julia, Rush, Briggs) and adjoining and connecting waters, and any other matters affected by or related to our purpose.

Managing your property to improve water quality.  Providing funding sources for improvements. 

The basics of various conservation projects
            a. How to do a rain garden,   Rain garden maintenance,   Rain garden pretreatment

            b. How to do a shoreland buffer 
            c. How to do a berm 
            d. How to do a rain barrel   or  Infiltration trench

How to fund conservation projects
            BLCA mini grants 
            Serp II Workshop April 2013

            High Def versions below as part1 ... part5
             (These are big files so allow lots of time downloading)  part 1    part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5

            Where to get the technical help
            Where to get plants and materials
            Where and what to get for permits
Planning tools
            Time line 
            Property sketch 

Managing Your property

Under Construction