The purpose of the BLCA shall be to promote the care, improvement and general welfare of the Briggs Lake Chain (Big Elk, Julia, Rush, Briggs) and adjoining and connecting waters, and any other matters affected by or related to our purpose.


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Briggs Lake Chain Association, BOX B • 4180 105th Ave. • Clear Lake, MN 55319

Briggs Lake Chain [Julia, Briggs, Rush and Big Elk] and adjoining and connecting waters…

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Welcome to Our Community!
BLCA volunteers have recently updated several revisions of a publication created nearly 20 years ago that welcomes newcomers into our community. Below is a link to the electronic version:

Community Information - Feel free to forward this document to others.

The information is directed to newcomers to make them feel comfortable in our community. It con­tains useful information about our lake association, community resources, customs, and history. Also included are some basic recommendations that will help all residents preserve the quality of the environment and the social atmosphere.
Hopefully, all members of our community will find this updated and current information useful.
The attached document was designed for emailing. It can be stored on a computer for reading and referenced as needed. It can also be printed.
The format is designed for printing, double sided, on nine sheets of letter-sized paper.
Our lake environment is particularly vulnerable to bad practices on shoreline properties. We hope this document is a worthy tool to welcome newcomers, expose them to the charm of our community and encouraging positive behavior without being off putting.

Give the BLCA your lake property address and phone number and this contact information will be entered into our community phone directory.

Give the BLCA your email address and you will get email notifications of high water alerts, unexpected pressing issues and get the electronic version of the BLCA's newsletter The Lake Report.