The purpose of the BLCA shall be to promote the care, improvement and general welfare of the Briggs Lake Chain (Big Elk, Julia, Rush, Briggs) and adjoining and connecting waters, and any other matters affected by or related to our purpose.

Our lake association has established a number of committees covering a variety of topics. Some of these committee members attend educational seminars that help us better understand our lake environment. They are working on water quality and shoreline restoration projects, subjects important to us all.

2017 BLCA Board of Directors

President - Wayne Smith - Elk

Vice President - Rosalie Musachio - Briggs

Treasurer - Karen Jones - Julia

Secretary - Karen Nielsen - Briggs

2017 Lake Representatives:

Jane Curtis - Briggs

Brad Kipp - Briggs

Dan Merchant- Briggs

Diane Stangler - Briggs

Lyf Titcomb - Briggs

Charlene Langowski - Rush

Adele Munsterman Rush

Scott Ruiter - Rush

Open Committee Structure (PDF file)