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3 Lake Improvement District Introduction

Order To Establish

By-Laws - (under construction)


Minutes (2016)

​Minutes (1/2017)

Minutes (2/2017)

Minutes (3/2017)

​Minutes (4/2017)

Minutes (5/2017)

Agenda (June)

Agenda (May)

Agenda (March)

Project: AIS Management  - 

    Maps of the surveys used for spraying of Curley Leaf Pondweed. 

    The surveys were done on April 28th and the spray application was done on May 5th.

    Briggs Curley Leaf Map (2017)

    Rush Curley Leaf Map (2017)

    Julia Curley Leaf Map (2017)

Annual Meeting

Annual Report - (under construction)

Update (2016)
General Aquatic Invasive Species plans as it relates to The 3 LAKE LID.​

The purpose of the BLCA shall be to promote the care, improvement and general welfare of the Briggs Lake Chain (Big Elk, Julia, Rush, Briggs) and adjoining and connecting waters, and any other matters affected by or related to our purpose.